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I help business owners achieve amazing success.

In excess of £100,000,000.00 in sales achieved for small businesses.

My area of expertise is helping self-employed people grow their business, showing them ways to automate their sales and marketing processes, improve sales techniques and win more better paying clients.


Learn how to market better, sell more, win customers & grow your business, fast.

Introducing the Steve Eliot Business Academy

The Steve Eliot Business Academy is an online learning platform that helps business owners transform their business with programs called ‘The Twelve Steps’ ‘Co-Pilot’ and ‘Runway’.

These programs will teach you the 12 steps to building an amazing business and how to implement them in your business.

The 12 Steps

Steve has spent 10 years developing a process of business enhancement for small business. It is specifically designed for transforming a business from a single person business to a turnover in excess of £1 million per annum. All clients need to complete this course before being considered for enhanced, more specific programs and 1:2:1 coaching.

The course is delivered by way of a unique e-learning platform and typically takes a minimum of 8 weeks to conclude. Once you have learned the 12 steps you will be fully positioned for taking your business to the next level and motivated students often never require any further help. It is a truly magnificent program that will totally equip you for the journey ahead, transforming your business into a fast moving, money making machine that defines your career and not your life.

  • Learn the unique 12 step process
  • Discover the secrets of working smarter
  • Find out how to reduce your hours
  • Work ON the business instead of IN the business
  • Earn more money
  • Become an employer of choice and build an effective team
  • Get more enquires
  • Convert more business, sell much more
  • Make more money, a lot more money


Once you have completed your understanding of the 12 step process we can work specifically on your business and together we find ways of taking your business to the next level and beyond. Steve and his team of highly capable business coaches will help guide you through the maze that is specific to your industry. Regular coaching calls and activities are the specific feature of the Co-Pilot programme. So named because we never forget that it is your business and our role as consultants and coaches is to help you make the right decisions. We will ensure that you have all the right information in order for you to develop the right strategies and effective tactics for a winning business.

Co- Pilot is a 12 month programme with an absolute money back guarantee if you do the work and fail to achieve the desired results.

Success or pay nothing!


After 12 months with a Co-Pilot you really are in ‘Command’ in fact you are now ready to join my very own millionaires club, this is where the real magic happens to the chosen few.

More information about this will be made available to you as appropriate. 

‘’I never forget that this is your business and that you are 100% in the pilot’s seat.
However, here I am guiding you every step of the way’’


How Would You Like to REALLY Learn Business?

Learn anytime, anyplace and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. 

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Here’s what you can expect from me.

  1. Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your business right now.
  2. Guidance through all areas of building and running a business, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources & Administration.
  3. Help to develop a marketing Strategy.
  4. Knowledge on how to build a sales process that will secure you customers regularly and on a repeat basis.
  5. Tips & guidance to help make your operations as efficient as possible.
  6. How to be an employer of choice and be able to recruit a dynamic team with which to grow your business.
  7. Most important of all, how to control your business finance and be in full control of the money coming in and going out.
  8. How to set up KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that will allow you to totally understand your business from end to end. That’s from a piece of marketing activity to the cash in your pocket.
  9. I can show you how to work less hours and make much more money.
  10. Help to achieve your dreams and aspirations and reduce your stress, considerably. 

This unique programme will guide you on a journey to a place where you have full control of your life, your business & your income, guaranteed. 

Become an amazing business owner by learning the secrets of the 12 steps to building an amazing business and knowing exactly how to implement them in your business.